M 930 Ts

Studio Condenser
  • big output transformer with optimized circuit
  • low frequency transmission with negligible distortion
  • lower low frequency response
  • extreme dynamic range
  • noise floor 7 dB(A)
  • highly balanced output
  • high solid-borne sound attenuation
  • compact design

The studio microphone M 930 Ts unifies approved large diaphragm capsule technology with anoptimized output transformer and a new developed circuit design. That attains a signal transmission with negligible distortion combined with a lower low frequency response, a very low noise floor and a high sound pressure level even at high external load.




Because of the compact dimensions of the M 930 Ts it is ideally suited for applications where an optical inconspicuousness and an absolutely view to manuscripts and monitors is demanded. It can be placed on speaker desks in radio stations as well as for recordings of dialog pickups, audio books and in dubbing studios. Moreover it can be used as main microphone for recordings of solo instruments or vocals, as spot microphone for recording instrumental groups and for setting up multichannel main microphone arrangements. There are accessories for XY-, ORTFand INA 5 arrangements available. Because of the balanced low-impedance transformer output the M 930 Ts can be used for longer cable length with negligible distortion.


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Acoustical Specifications


The pick-up pattern is perpendicular to the direction of the microphone axis (side adressed) and is marked by the model number and the polar pattern symbol. The company logo is at the reverse side of the microphone. A condenser microphone capsule with a diameter of 28 mm and a gold-plated polyester membrane is installed as sound transducer. The polar pattern is cardioid with a very high attenuation of rear sound incidence. The M 930 Ts has a constant frequency response with an accentuation of approximately 2,5 dB between 6 kHz and 12 kHz to raise the speech and high-frequency presence. The change of the low end frequency response caused by the proximity effect is well-balanced without a very strong overemphasis at small microphone distances


Electrical Specifications


The newly optimized circuit topology of the impedance converter leads in combination with the specially designed output transformer to a very high transmission level range for sound pressure levels from 7 dB(A) to 144 dB with a maximum of 0,5% THD (total harmonic distortion). As a result, the M 930 Ts has a clean, distortion free sound over an extremely wide dynamic range. RFI susceptibility is very low. The microphone is connected by a standard 3-pin XLR-male plug with gold-plated pins which realizes the powering by an external 48 V phantom supply according to IEC 61938 with a current consumption of 6 mA.


Mechanical Specifications


The capsule is mounted elastically in the compact microphone housing of the M 930 Ts with a
diameter of 45 mm and a length of 130 mm for attenuating solid-borne sound and impulses. If a higher attenuation of such influences is required it can be achieved by elastic holders and suspensions which are available as accessories. The weight of the M 930 Ts is 273 g without any holder and suspension. That weight allows the use of the microphone with standard microphone arms, stand mountings and other holders as well as on a microphone tang without any problems.

Studio Condenser Microphone M 930 Ts
Polar pattern Cardioid
Acoustic operating principle Pressure gradient transducer
Frequency range 40...18000 Hz
Sensitivity at 1 kHz 23 mV/Pa
Output impedance 40 Ω
Noise level CCIR 468 - 4 18 dB
DIN EN 60651 7 dB - A
Signal-to-noise ratio ( re 1 Pa at 1 kHz ) A - weighted 87 dB
Max. SPL for THD < 0,5% 142 dB
Max. output level RL = 1 k Ω 18 dBu
RL = 10 k Ω 21 dBu
Dynamic range of electronics 135 dB
output symmetry acc. IRT > 60 dB
power supply 48 V ± 4 V
Current consumption (P 48, DIN 45596, IEC 268-15) 6 mA
Output connector XLR3M
Weight without MH 93.1 273 g
Dimensions ( L x Ø ) 130 mm x 45 mm
Finish satin nickel, dark bronze



Frequency Responses














Polar Patterns






Microphone M 930 Ts with the Microphone holder MH 93.1 in a wooden case
L x B x H 180 x 106 x 78 mm
satin nickel Order-No. 2111136
dark bronze Order-No. 2111137

P 110.35 black matt
Order-No. 600100

Popscreen, diameter 105mm; for M930 Ts

P110 Details...

P 110 with Gosseneck

Popscreen; diameter 110mm

P110 Details...

P110 kl
PO 70

Popscreen; diameter 130mm

W76 Order-No.202407
Windscreen for UMT70S, MT71S, MT711S, UM70S, M71S, M930, M940
EA93 satin nickel

Elastic suspension incl. A93
for M 930, M940, M950, MT71S, UMT70S

EA93 dark bronze

Elastic suspension incl.A93
for M 930, M940, M950, MT71S, UMT70S

EH93 satin nickel

Elastic suspension
for M930, M940, M950, M960

EH93 dark bronze

Elastic suspension
for M930, M940, M950, M960

MH93 satin nickel

Microphone holder, turnable
M930, M940, M950, M960, M Ø 21mm

MH 93 nickel matt_100 Pixel
MH93 dark bronze

Microphone holder, turnable
M930, M940, M950, M960, M Ø 21mm

MH 93 dunkel bronze_100 Pixel
MH93.1 satin nickel

Microphone holder
M930, M940, M950, M960, M Ø 21mm

MH 93.1 nickel matt_100 Pixel
MH93.1 dark bronze

Microphone holder
M930, M940, M950, M960, M Ø 21mm

MH 93.1 dunkel bronze_100 Pixel